Monday, May 18, 2015

So, it's 2015...

Anything happen while I was away?

Thursday, October 24, 2013

What a year...

From Norwich, CT
to Franklin, GA
to Orange City, FL
to Supply, NC
back to Norwich, CT
to Waterbury, CT and finally, (and I mean finally)
to Danielson, CT...

What a long, strange trip it has been. I'm just extremely grateful that God had brought us through.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

My 40th birthday present...

The Mets are playing the Philles @Citi Field on my birthday next year.

I plan on being there...

My one and only day @ Shea

July 31, 1988 -- Mets 2, Pirates 1

Just finding that boxscore brought back a ton of memories. I was there with my dad, my grandfather, my brother, and my uncle. I remember riding the train to Grand Central, then taking the subway to Shea. The seats weren't great; way up in the upper deck down the right field line, but I was at Shea, damnit, watching the Mets play the Barry Bonds, Bobby Bonilla, and Andy Van Slyke-led Pittsburgh Pirates.

Darryl Strawberry hit a huge two run homer in the bottom of the first, and in my excitement, I spilled my soda on the person sitting in front of me. Ron Darling pitched a complete game to get the win.

Unfortunately, I never got another chance to go back to Shea. I haven't been to Citi Field yet, either. Hopefully, an opportunity will come.

My grandfather and my uncle are no longer with us, but it's memories like these (and others) that keep them alive in spirit.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

This season sucked....

As we play out the string to yet another losing season (The Mets' fourth in row.), I can honestly say that this season has been one of the most disappointing. I suppose I should be used to this by now, I've been disappointed many, many times as a Mets fan. This season probably hurts more, though, because I broke the cardinal rule of being a fan of this club. I did the one thing I should have learned a while ago not to do.

I got my hopes up.

One June 3rd, this team was 31-23 and in first place.  We had young, up-and-coming talent producing for the club. Johan Santana had just thrown the first no-hitter in franchise history. They were 46-40 at the All-Star break. They were in contention. Things were looking up. I had dreams of a playoff appearance in my head.

Shows what I know...

After the All-Star break, everything crashed to earth. Johan, perhaps overworked during the no-no, crashed and burned afterwards and was shut down on August 22nd. And the team has gone 20-42 since the break. Now, I'm sitting here, miserable and sick.  This team keeps doing it me. I should know better by now. I should have learned by now to temper my enthusiasm. I should have learned to take a "wait-and-see" approach with this team.

I haven't learned.

And honestly, I know that probably will never learn. I know that this is going to happen to me again. It could even be as soon as next season. This season, however, is fundamentally over. All that remains are 14 relatively meaningless games.

It can't end soon enough.